Benefits of Kettlebell Training

Benefits of Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells, strength training equipment originally made of cast iron, are increasingly becoming one of the most popular training equipment for men and women alike. Kettlebell training is not only effective; it also adds a much needed variation to your regular training regimen.

Here are 10 ways in which kettlebell training benefits you:

Easy to use:

Kettlebells are easy to use. The functional movements are easy to adapt, and exercises can be learnt quickly. Not only this, kettlebell front squats have proven to be easier and more effective for many people than barbell front squats.

Safe workout:

It is great for the beginners also because it is much gentler on your wrists and shoulders. Your forearms might need a bit of getting used to contact in the initial phases, however in the long run, working out with kettlebells tends to be easier on your joints and doesn’t strain your body as you increase the intensity of your exercise.

Ergonomically Natural:

Physical therapists value the movement advantage through the use of kettlebells. Kettlebell exercises help you learn to move better, stronger and safer since the movements are natural to the body’s range of motion. It also helps you get out of certain unhealthy postures which come with today’s lifestyle and jump-start better movements to improve your posture.

Complete body exercise:

Kettlebell training focuses on multiple muscle groups. When performed with proper warming up and stretching, they stimulate the muscles way more than standard resistance and cardiovascular exercises.  If your goal is to get stronger or more muscular, kettlebells can definitely help you achieve a more built and athletic look.

Developing core strength:

Unlike dumbbells, the weight in a kettlebell is not evenly distributed. Therefore, using kettlebells increases the need to stabilize your body during your work-out by counterbalancing. This works amazingly in enhancing your balance, coordination and core strength.

Quicker weight loss and body toning:

Consistent use of kettlebells is known to increase your metabolism and result in decrease in the body fat percentage. Kettlebell trainings are designed to build strength by increasing the amount of lean muscle tissue therefore, it helps your body toning without bulking you up.

Versatile training:

Kettlebell exercises are fun, challenging and come with many variations. You can do numerous things with kettlebells. For most of the training, you don’t even need to put down the weights so moving from one exercise to another is fluid. The basic exercises take little time to learn and the variations keep you interested.

Endurance with flexibility:

Kettlebell training is more than strength training; it is strength endurance training. When used in ballistic or explosive workouts, kettlebell training strengthens your core and improves flexibility.

One or two kettlebells is all you need:

One or two kettlebells can offer a wide variety of exercise options and work very well for your entire body. Hence, you shell out less money on training equipment and work-out more. Portability and easy storage also make kettlebells preferable. You can work-out both indoors and outdoors which keeps things practical and exciting.

Time saver:

Kettlebell exercises combine strength and cardio and can be a great time saver when you need a quick but intense workout. Kettlebell swings might not sound like much but performing 200 repetitions (not all at once) as quickly as possible increases your heart rate and works nearly every muscle in your body in under ten minutes.

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