Benefits of Strength and Conditioning Training

Benefits of Strength and Conditioning Training

Strength and Conditioning fundamentally is the cornerstone of practically applied sport science to create better movement patterns. It is no longer training related to elite athletes but can be utilized in Personal Training for your more advanced clients as well as better movement patterns for special populations.

Strength & Conditioning is fast becoming popular culture due in part to the mass media influence over the last couple of years.  Whether it is through your local CrossFit box or hitting the weights room in the gym people are starting to realize the many benefits that Strength and Conditioning training has to offer. Commercial gyms are incorporating a lot more performance style equipment into their gyms including Olympic lifting platforms, bumper plates, sleds and it is a trend that will continue.

Over the years I have often promoted the benefits to strength training to clients/coaches with research stating that strength training is critical to keeping our bodies healthy, especially as we age. It helps preserve muscle mass and increase your metabolism to burn more calories even when you aren’t working out.

For a trainer, education in this field allows for a better understanding of evidence-based research on the physiology of movement patterns and enhances knowledge of applying these skills to clients programming. A Level 4 Strength and Conditioning course will expand your portfolio to work with advanced clients, athletes and teams as well as educating all your current clients on the importance of moving better under load. You will gain extensive knowledge on how to appropriately integrate strength and conditioning into your programming.

What is Strength & Conditioning?

Strength and Conditioning are more than just lifting weights – It is a great way to transform your body by encompassing better movement quality, improved performance, reduction in injuries as well as an overall improvement in general health and fitness. It incorporates several methods including weight lifting, core, speed & agility, plyometrics, endurance and mobility which can be integrated into a wide variety of programs depending on the specific needs of the client

The ability to move better under load is important to everyone and with better movement technique with the big lifts such as squat and deadlift as well as the Olympic lifts client’s results will increase much faster through better proprioception, increased strength and power and enhanced motivation as their progress is evident.

Scientific meta-analysis studies on Strength and Conditioning focused training have shown several benefits, such as boosting longevity, improving the body’s awareness, relieve symptoms of depression, building muscle mass, and protecting against diabetes, back pain, and more. Plus, a growing number of women, in particular, have come to realize that lifting weights won’t necessarily make them bulky, and in fact, will help them burn more fat and boost metabolism. Research has found that the primary muscle type activated in strength training (Type 2 fibers) can reduce body fat without changes in diet.

Strength training could also be a good training approach to push through barriers and help with mental focus and mindset. It teaches you to push yourself when everything tells you to stop, getting used to be in uncomfortable situations and push past the comfort zone to reach the results you want.

In conclusion, Strength & Conditioning programming is much more than a method attributed to bodybuilders and athletes to improve performance, it is an important tool we can utilize to improve body shape and mental toughness as well as combat the signs of aging.


Blog by – John Coulter, @impulsefitnessHQ,