Find out how Level 4 qualifications can help you with your clients

Find out how Level 4 qualifications can help you with your clients

Specialist courses-Level 4 qualifications

Specialist courses including Level 4 qualifications have become a must have in the ever-growing fitness industry. There are many options for fitness professionals to continue learning new things such as knowing how to deal with clients struggling with low back pain, weight loss, or improving their overall sporting performance.  Therefore, the following courses in managing low back pain, obesity and diabetes and strength and conditioning can be extremely helpful for fitness trainers and clients alike.


Almost everyone experiences low back pain at some point in their lifetime. This could be a result of past or present injuries, muscle imbalances, lifestyle choices, stress, limited rest and many more potential reasons.  If a client approaches a trainer with lower back pain, it is important to have a qualification that enables them to deal with the client professionally to manage or improve their condition.


The aim of a Level 4 Low Back Pain qualification is to allow trainers to plan, conduct and review programmes to address the needs of clients with low back pain.  It is about supporting clients to change their lifestyle behaviours and physical activity to aid in the management of chronic non-specific low back pain.  The course will also help learners understand the pervasiveness of low back pain and will help them describe the different classifications of back pain diagnosis.


Obesity and diabetes has also sky-rocketed in recent years.  With busier workloads, unhealthy fast-food options have grown exponentially.  The cost of obesity and related conditions such as type 2 diabetes is also putting a huge, unsustainable drain on public health care resources. Treating obesity, type 2 diabetes and diabetic problems are very expensive, and with new cases of obesity-related type 2 diabetes increasing each year, these costs are expected to keep rising.


To confront this issue, there is a need for widespread education that informs the population of the risks associated with poor eating habits and not exercising regularly.  The Level 4 in Obesity and Diabetes trains learners to a professionally competent level, enabling them to plan, conduct and review programmes to address the needs of clients with obesity and/or diabetes.  This enables them to support clients to change their eating behaviours to aid in the management of obesity and/or diabetes.


In the world of sports, improving overall performance has been the centre of exercise research.   Refining strength, agility, speed and explosiveness has always been the cornerstone of every athlete’s programme.  The position of a strength and conditioning coach is to be part of the athlete’s support team. Learning how to carry out performance-related needs analysis, measurements and assessments is essential.


Being able to implement strategies to analyse and evaluate assessment results are crucial to develop short, medium and long-term performance goals. If your aim is to help advance the overall performance of athletes in various sports, then find out how to plan, deliver and evaluate periodised strength and conditioning programmes with the Level 4 in Strength and Conditioning.


It is clear the relationship between the fitness industry and the health care sector has grown in recent years.  Therefore, the need for upskilled trainers that can deal with a wide array of clients is becoming more of a necessity.  Provided the trainers are already qualified with certain Level 3 pre-requisite qualifications, they can apply for these Level 4 courses and join the growing group of specialized and highly qualified fitness professionals.