What makes a great personal trainer?

What makes a great personal trainer?

Personal training is an exciting, sociable, and active job.  People often think that anyone can be a Personal Trainer.  Now, obtaining the certificates and qualifications needed may be possible for most people, however becoming a good, or even great Personal Trainer is an entirely different story.

If you’re new to the industry but are a tad worried about what is expected of you, don’t worry, you’re not alone.  If you are extremely confident, then that’s splendid.

We know there are plenty of things that make an amazing personal trainer, however we’ve tried to narrow it down for you.  These are the 7 most important things you need to become a great trainer:


  1. Passion and enthusiasm!

Loving what you do for a living should be the case.  It’s too exhausting to fake enthusiasm in this line of work and people will eventually find out and see right through you.  If you pour your heart and soul into your job, people will feed off that energy and benefit from it.  Be proud of the fact you are part of an incredibly supportive community of fitness professionals that are trying to help people adopt healthier lifestyles.


  1. Empathy and understanding client needs

Let’s face it, everyone has a few flaws.  For some, it’s a cheat meal everyday or a few times a week.  For others, it might be depression, family obligations or a heavy work schedule that keeps them feeling exhausted most of the time. Whatever the issue may be, having the ability to empathize with people is a definite must.  That’s not to say you cannot give them a bit of tough love if they mess up a little bit, however trying to understand their situation and where they are coming from will help you deal with them in a more effective and caring way.


  1. Be creative

It’s in our DNA to want something new occasionally, and to change things up.  Clients generally get bored easily if the routine becomes monotonous.  Of course, there needs to be some sort of routine for progressive overload and consistently recording results, however, being able to vary up the cardiovascular and/or resistance training methods is an important skill to have.  There is a plethora of ways to also make your sessions more enjoyable such as adding games or challenges, playing music, and adding incentives/rewards.


  1. Flexible and adaptable

People underestimate the demands of fitness related jobs. There are long hours spent at the gym and at times it could get quite busy. A lot of clients will also occasionally postpone or cancel sessions last minute so being flexible will come a long way.  Of course, there are rules and regulations we all need to abide by, but we must consider when a client has a genuine excuse for not being able to make it.  If we charged all our clients for every missed session, we’d probably be left with very few.


  1. Specialize

Identify and use your passion, or area of expertise more frequently.  This ensures you get results for clients that you can properly support and generates interest within your circle of influence. It will also enable you to promote yourself on social media platforms, magazine, and conventions which could influence your reputation and enhance your business skills.


  1. Practice what you preach

I think it goes without saying that you need to maintain your own fitness and set a good example to those you wish to inspire. Studies have shown that people tend to gravitate towards trainers that look fit and represent themselves in a positive and healthy image.  However, if not managed carefully, the demands of working as a trainer sometimes leaves you with very little time to train.  With proper scheduling and being organised, you’ll be able to ensure you stay in tip top shape.


  1. Continually learn and grow

Knowledge is power.  Focusing on your strengths and “specialisms” is always great to hone your skills as a trainer.  However, it is also important to realize growth occurs when we open ourselves to new ideas and concepts. Unless we attempt to learn something beyond our scope of work, we will never grow. Luckily, trainers have the opportunity gain a certain amount of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points every two years, by undertaking new courses or workshops to keep them up to date with the latest standards in the fitness industry.


Some of the fitness qualifications CareerSport offers include:

Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Level 2 Exercise to Music

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training

Level 3 Pre & Post Natal

Level 3 Exercise Referral

Level 4 Obesity & Diabetes

Level 4 Low Back Pain

Level 2 Circuits

Level 2 Kettlebells

Level 3 Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Performance